Beautiful Day, But What a Wind!!!

erecting a new Century marquee on a windy day  erecting a new Century marquee on a windy day

The guys struggled with the 20 MPH+ winds and won the battle to erect a 80″ x 40″ New Century Marquee and a 30″ x 20″ Traditional Pole Tent Catering Marquee for a bash in Ayrshire yesterday. Well done Art and the boys 🙂
Once the New Century Marquee is erected, because of the tension of the fabric it becomes a very stable structure, the New Century Marquees from Myreton are more robust in high / moderate winds, than the modern clearspan marquees because of this design feature. This makes the New Century Marquee perfect for our weather here in Scotland.

Erecting a new Century Marquee on a windy day