Hiring Terms & Conditions

1. No liability is accepted for delays or non-performance of this contract due to
(a) Loss or damage by fire, storm or other accident
(b) Any strike or other industrial dispute
(c) Adverse weather conditions
(d) The requirement of any statutory public or local authority.
2. If there are any abnormal conditions attached to the site, which affect the
erection of the equipment. We reserve the right to make an additional charge
to cover the cost of any additional labour and equipment e.g. good access for
heavy goods vehicles.
3. Myreton Marquee Hire reserves the right to change the specification without
prior notice. However this will always be to an equal or greater value.
4. We are not responsible for the site on which the equipment is erected and this
shall be the sole responsibility of the hirer.
5. Any loss or damage to the equipment must be reported to us immediately.
The hirer will be fully responsible for any loss or damage caused to the
equipment during the period of hire.
6. Unless otherwise agreed the period of hire shall commence when our staff
arrives at the site with all or any of the equipment and shall continue until all
our equipment has been removed.
7. In no case shall we be liable for any damage or injury incurred by any person
or property during the period of hire who use or are in the vicinity of the
8. Any dispute must be notified in writing within one week of the erection of the
9. In the event of cancellation by the hirer, a cancellation fee will be payable – see
cancellation fee as below
10. We reserve the right to charge interest on all accounts outstanding after the
expiry of seven days from the date of our invoice.
11. We will not be liable for the damage caused to surfaces, pipes, mains,
conduits or services of any description, the precise location of which has not
been previously notified in writing by the hirer to our company office prior to the
12. You will be given the opportunity to walk round and inspect the tent or tents
with the senior marquee erector on site where you will be asked to sign off the
marquee hire erection stage as complete.
At this point you can identify any issues and or defects and the team will work to
remedy any issues to your satisfaction prior to signing off their work. This
includes roof, poles, linings, lighting, walls, windows, doors, guy ropes and pins,
aluminium beams, flooring, tables, chairs, generators and heaters.
The above conditions form part of the contract of hire and with the acceptance
of the equipment the hirer has deemed to have accepted these conditions.
13. We respectfully remind clients that they are responsible for the safe custody
of all Myreton Marquee Hire equipment whilst on site
14. Myreton Marquee Hire reserve the right to add a fuel surcharge if prices rise
dramatically between signing the contract and the hire commencing.
15. After the event an additional charge will be made if the marquee and
surrounding area have to be cleaned by Myreton Marquee Hire staff.
Customers are liable for all damages and shortages. Myreton Marquee Hire insists
that customers insure all equipment on hire. Furniture losses will be charged at
new replacement value. Damage waiver can be arranged through our own policy
at an added cost of 7% of the total hire. Please note that the customer would be
liable for the first £1200 of any claim.
(As a foot note we would also advise that event insurance is also taken out)
Hire charges include all labour and transportation costs but exclude VAT
33% payable as deposit and confirmation of the order.
Balance must be cleared 30 days before erection of the marquee.
The above are our standard payment terms. However alternative arrangements
can be made. But a 10% credit charge will be added to the account which can be
deducted if payment is made within 7 days of date of invoice
In the event that you cancel the contract, any deposit which you have paid will be forfeit.
In addition, you will be liable for the following:
Period of Notice Percentage of Hire Charge Payable
(a) 3 months – 25%
(b) 2 months – 50%
(c) 1 month – 75%
(D) 7 days – 100%

Myreton Marquee Hire
EH41 4LE January 2024