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Indirect Diesel Heaters: Efficient Heating Solutions for Marquees

When it comes to hosting events in marquees, ensuring a comfortable temperature for your guests is essential. At Myreton Marquees, we offer indirect diesel heaters as part of our marquee hire services, providing efficient and reliable heating solutions. These heaters are equipped with a 40-litre fuel tank, which we fill before delivering them to your event. While the initial fuel is provided by Myreton Marquees, it is the customer’s responsibility to refill the tank when it becomes empty.

Efficient Heating Performance

hire marquee heater for outdoor eventIndirect diesel heaters are highly effective in providing consistent and reliable heating for marquees. These heaters operate by burning diesel fuel to produce hot air, which is then blown into the marquee through a heat exchange system. The result is efficient and even heat distribution throughout the space, ensuring a comfortable environment for your guests.

Generous Fuel Capacity

Our indirect diesel heaters come with a 40-litre fuel tank to minimise disruptions and ensure continuous heating. This generous capacity allows for extended periods of operation without the need for frequent refuelling. When delivered, the heater is filled with fuel, providing you with ample supply to kickstart your event.

Customer Responsibility

While Myreton Marquees supplies the initial fuel, the customer monitors and refills the tank as needed. We recommend keeping an eye on the fuel levels throughout your event and arranging for refills when necessary. This ensures uninterrupted heating and a comfortable atmosphere for your guests.

Fuel Efficiency and Cost-effectiveness

Indirect diesel heaters are known for their fuel efficiency, meaning they provide effective heating while consuming minimal amounts of diesel. This translates into cost savings for the customer, as they can achieve optimal heating performance without excessive fuel consumption. By utilising the heaters responsibly and monitoring fuel levels, you can maximise their efficiency and minimise fuel expenses.

Safety Considerations

marquee heater 1At Myreton Marquees, safety is our top priority. Our indirect diesel heaters are equipped with safety features such as flame failure devices and overheating protection to ensure safe operation throughout your event. Following the provided instructions and guidelines is important to ensure proper usage and minimise potential risks.

Indirect diesel heaters are an excellent choice for heating marquees, providing efficient and reliable warmth for your events. With a 40-litre fuel tank that is initially filled by Myreton Marquees, these heaters offer generous heating capacity. However, the customer’s responsible for monitoring and refilling the tank as needed to ensure continuous heating. By combining our marquee hire services with our indirect diesel heaters, Myreton Marquees aims to provide comprehensive solutions that create comfortable and memorable experiences for your guests. Contact us today to discuss your event requirements and let us help you plan the perfect heating solution for your marquee event.






Electricity Generators

Diesel Electricity Generators: Reliable Power for Outdoor Events in Marquee Tents

When it comes to outdoor events held in marquee tents, having a reliable source of electricity is essential to power lighting, sound systems, catering equipment, and more. Diesel electricity generators offer a practical and efficient solution, ensuring a steady power supply to keep your event running smoothly. Whether it’s a wedding, gig, festival, or corporate gathering, these generators are designed to meet your electrical needs in outdoor settings.

Reliable Power Supply

Generator hire Scotland electricity generators are known for their robustness and dependability, making them a popular choice for outdoor events. With their powerful engines and fuel efficiency, these generators can reliably provide the electricity required to keep your event equipment and lighting systems working around the clock. You can have peace of mind knowing that your event won’t be affected by power outages or unreliable electrical connections.

Versatile and Scalable

One of the advantages of diesel electricity generators is their versatility and scalability. They come in various sizes and power outputs, allowing you to choose the generator that best suits the specific requirements of your event. Whether you’re hosting an intimate wedding or a large-scale music festival, there’s a diesel generator available to meet your power needs. These generators can be easily integrated into your event setup and connected to the necessary equipment, providing seamless power distribution throughout your marquee tent.

Diesel electricity generators are indispensable for outdoor events held in marquee tents, ensuring a reliable and efficient power supply. With their robustness and scalability, these generators can cater to events of all sizes, from intimate gatherings to large-scale festivals. You can enjoy uninterrupted power by utilising diesel generators, keeping your event lighting, sound systems, and other equipment running smoothly. George over at GGS Generators handles all our generators for us, he is a bit of a legend in the event power industry. Give him a shout to discuss your event requirements and let him assist you in finding the perfect diesel generator solution for your outdoor event. George will then let us know what size generator you require.

Toilet Blocks and Portaloos

Luxury, Standard, and Portaloo Toilet Blocks:

Enhancing Comfort and Convenience at Marquee Events and Weddings

When it comes to hosting marquee events, providing suitable restroom facilities is crucial for the comfort and convenience of your guests. At Myreton Marquees, we offer a range of toilet block options that cater to different event needs via our preferred suppliers. From luxurious facilities to standard options and portaloo units, we ensure your guests can access clean, functional, and hygienic restrooms throughout the event.

Luxury Toilet Blocks

Luxury toilet blocks are designed to provide a premium restroom experience for your guests. These facilities boast high-quality finishes, spacious interiors, and amenities such as hand basins, mirrors, and lighting. With their tasteful design and attention to detail, our luxury toilet blocks add a touch of elegance to your marquee event. Some toilet blocks use Vacuume Flush Technology.

Standard Toilet Blocks

For events that require functional and cost-effective restroom solutions, standard toilet blocks are an excellent choice. These units are equipped with all the essential amenities, including toilets, hand basins, and lighting. They offer practicality and cleanliness, ensuring that your guests have comfortable facilities that meet their basic needs.

Portaloo Units

Portaloo units provide convenient and portable restroom solutions for marquee events. These self-contained units are easy to install and maintain, offering a compact yet functional option for smaller gatherings or events with limited space. They feature toilets, hand sanitisers, and ample ventilation, providing essential facilities in a practical and efficient manner.

Luxury event toilet blck hire from Borderloos

At Myreton Marquees, we recommend three companies Bordaloo and Heilan Loos and Event Support Services these guys will be able to sort you out, depending on location.

Event Support Services have a couple of PDFs that you can download for a look at what is on offer, ESS WC2 and ESS WC3


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