FAQ – Marquee Hire Knowledge Base

Can I pay monthly towards the cost of my marquee hire?

Yes, we get asked this one a lot so we started our Easy Payment Plan.

If your wedding is in 12 months, we divide the marquee hire price by 11 and each month you pay that towards your marquee hire cost.

The reason it is divided by 11 and not 12 is that the marquee hire price needs to be paid in full one calendar month before the hire date.

And to make your life even easier, your first two months payments are also your deposit, so you don’t even have to pay a big deposit.

Call or email our team for more details and to work out your monthly payments and secure your dream wedding venue today.

Where can I find details and T&C's about hiring a marquee?

We want your hiring experience to be as smooth as possible, we recommend you read the two pages below which will make you better informed about the hiring process.

We have a page here which details our terms and conditions.

We also have a page which gives information about important things to ask when hiring your marquee.

Should I insure my Event/Wedding?

Yes, we highly recommend insuring your event, it will ensure all suppliers’ costs are covered should the event not go ahead for any reason, weather, illness, etc. We can recommend a couple of event insurance brokers who know the marquee industry.

During my hire, can i host more than one event?

Yes, If the marquee is still erected on your site, you can make use of it, normally the tent will be erected one day before the event and taken down one or two days after. This leaves you free to host more than the main event in your marquee, why not hire our 8 Burner Gas BBQ and put on a 2nd event.

Can you supply a Bar and Beer Tent?

Yes, Myreton supply the tent, we have several companies who will provide the glassware and beverages, and they also take care of licensing and keep you covered legally.

Can i take my sides down during my hire if the weather is nice?

Yes, the sides can be taken off. But remember that it takes time to put them back on!

Does the smoking ban come into force in a temporary structure?

Yes, but we can provide an additional covered area for your guests to sit and smoke if they wish.

Will our caterer be able to cook our meal inside the Marquee?

Yes and we can also supply a separate catering extension to your marquee.

Can we have a carpeted floor that will match our décor and the bridesmaids colour scheme?

There is a large variety of colours of carpet available although our wood flooring is among the best in the business and does not require carpet.

How do your Marquees perform in a Scottish summer?

All marquees will suffer in severe and gale-force winds However tension-style marquees can handle more extreme conditions than most.

We monitor the weather during the season and will advise accordingly should adverse weather conditions arise.

Will you work with and take directions from our wedding/event planner?

Yes, we have and will work with wedding planners. We have a wedding planner we work very closely with who would be more than willing to help you.

Chances are that we will have worked with your wedding/event planner previously and will be familiar with their work.

Do you supply toilets, generators, water and heaters?

We will put you in touch with a toilet supplier, or we can hire them on your behalf, we supply heaters and gas, generators, and water if your site requires it, please call for a quote.

I will need a dance floor and stage can you supply this?

Yes, we supply all marquee accessories including staging and lighting.

I have hired a tent from someone else, will you hire flooring/lighting/lining?

No sorry, we wouldn’t be able to help you.

I have hired a 60x40 marquee from you, can you tell me which is the long side?

True, someone asked this a few weeks ago.