Clearspan Marquees and Frame Tents

9 meter clearspan frame tent marquee for wedding in Scotland

Clearspan Marquees and Frame Tents


The Versatility and Flexibility of Clearspan Frame Marquee Tents

In this article, we will explore the remarkable versatility and flexibility of Clearspan Frame Marquee Tents. With the ability to extend the length and adjust the width, along with various wall and roof styles, these tents offer endless possibilities for creating tailored spaces for weddings, exhibitions, sporting events, pop-up shops, warehousing, and temporary structures.

Versatility in Length and Width

Clearspan Frame Marquee Tents are renowned for their adaptability. Adding additional 3m sections allows you to extend the tent’s length, providing more space to accommodate your event needs. Whether you require a smaller intimate gathering or a grand celebration, the flexibility of these tents allows you to customize the length according to your requirements.

Furthermore, the width options available, ranging from 3m to as wide as you desire (6m, 9m, 12m, 15m, etc.), provide further versatility. This flexibility ensures that you have the ideal size to accommodate your guests comfortably while creating a spacious and welcoming atmosphere.

Creating Distinct Areas with Various Walls

Clearspan Frame Marquee Tents offer the option to add various types of walls to different sections, allowing you to create distinct areas within the marquee. These walls include PVC, solid, and window walls, each serving a unique purpose.

PVC walls are versatile and commonly used for enclosing the marquee while keeping the space well-insulated and weatherproof. Solid walls provide privacy, and security and are perfect for separating different areas within the tent, such as a backstage or storage area. Window walls are an excellent choice for creating an open and inviting ambience while allowing natural light to fill the space.

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