Marquee Lighting

marquee lighting on the flooring

Marquee Lighting

Memorable events and first class service, that’s what we are all about – your guests enjoyment is as important to us as it is to you. Our job is to create the surroundings for the best, most memorable event or wedding they have ever attended.

Our marquees are famous for their sweeping good looks, they are marquees in the traditional sense and create the perfect venue.


To complement the ambiance created by the marquee we carry a vast range of event lighting, party lighting and wedding lighting for both inside and outside the marquee that will give your event that something special.

dim lighting, shrine kind of effect

Creative lighting ideas for marquee hire


Our affordable indoor and outdoor lighting packages include, Pea-Light Canopy, Fairy Light Canopy, Light Bulb Canopy, Paper Lantern Canopy, Paper Lantern Colour Canopy, LED Canopy, Light Curtains, Centre Pole LED Lighting, Spotlights, Wash Floods, Uplighters, Chinese Lanterns, Building and Tree / Bush / Wall Uplighters and any combination of these in many colours.

The possibilities for exciting decorations, event lighting and marquee lighting possibilities are endless, all you need is your imagination and we will help you create the perfect ambiance for your event or wedding.

black walls roof lighting on Marquees

The Tardis Effect

Blackout lining around the walls of the dance floor, bar area or band / DJ will transform your marquee into a club like atmosphere giving you defined areas and making it appear larger than it is (the Tardis effect).

As always we are happy to work with your event organiser or wedding planner to make all this happen for you. Inside or outside the marquee, in the garden, forest, country house or hotel we can help you create something special, remember the entrance to the event is the first thing the guests will see and the magic should start right there.


The white marquee set against up lit coloured trees is striking, and will pave the way for a wonderful night and will create a truly unforgettable atmosphere.



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Feeling inspired yet?

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